1.02 How the course works [text]

1.02 How the course works

Online modules

  • 8 modules to be completed over approximately 6 weeks
  • Please click ‘Mark Complete’ when you have viewed the topic
  • Progression through topics will be at your own self-directed pace, although specified topics will need to be completed prior to live interactive sessions as outlined below
Interactive Session (Dates TBC) The following modules must be completed BEFORE the interactive session
Session 1 1.01 – 3.10
Session 2 3.11 – 4.12
Session 3 4.13 – 5.07
Session 4 6.01 – 8.07
  • You’ll be able to access this material for the next 12 months so you will be able to refer back, reflect and refresh your knowledge as you need to

Interactive sessions

  • Small (6-10 candidates) group case-based discussions led by experienced faculty, focussing on topics you will have completed over the previous week
  • Q+A session – based on questions emailed to us over the previous week and/or important issues highlighted during the session
  • Structure of session
    0945 – 1000 Registration
    1000 – 1040 Part 1
    1040 – 1100 Break
    1100 – 1140 Part 2
    1140 – 1200 Q+A
  • Attendance is mandatory (with no distractions – please treat this as a training course even if you are at home – you will have been granted study leave)
  • Topics as listed above must be completed prior to attendance at the interactive sessions
  • You will require Zoom on an individual device with a video screen (i.e. no sharing of screens between candidates)
  • Remember, the greater the interaction from you, the more you will get out of each session

Simulation day

  • This year, this component of the course is to be confirmed – we are currently awaiting information regarding running face-to-face training
  • We are hoping that each novice will be able to attend x1 simulation day once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted

Study leave

(for trainees within the Imperial School of Anaesthesia)

  • Your college tutor will already be aware of the course and we advise you to ensure that the appropriate forms for study leave are submitted to your department
  • Once the 4 dates for the interactive sessions are released, please book 4 days of study leave
  • The interactive session are 2 hours in duration; the remainder of that study leave day is in lieu for the time you have spent completing the online modules
  • (For trainees outside of the Imperial School of Anaesthesia, please contact your College Tutors for information about local arrangements for study leave)


  • You will be requested to complete feedback for various components of the course – this is a mandatory requirement and course certificates will not be issued without completion of feedback
  • We pride ourselves on acting on feedback, where possible, as the course progresses – we are keen to make your learning experience as high-quality as possible – please feel free to email us prior to formal feedback being requested
  • Formal feedback will be required at the following components:
    • Online modules – you will be sent feedback forms at several points as you progress through modules
    • Interactive sessions: at the end of each session – these will be completed during the interactive session
    • Simulation day: at the end of the day (TBC)