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The resources are intended to provide an introduction to anaesthesia for you. ​Drug doses provided are a guide only and must never be used without comprehensively checking with your local formulary. The Team accepts NO responsibility for dosing errors. Please remember that viewing the Content does not equate to the experience needed to practice anaesthesia safely. You should always consult your senior colleagues and discuss management plans. Do not rely solely on the Content to create management plans for your patients. You should not attempt to use or rely upon any of the Content provided to make medical decisions or to provide any healthcare services.  The Team take no personal responsibility for your actions if you base them on the Content. By providing this website or any information or content, the Team does not exercise any control or influence over your medical judgment or decision making in providing healthcare services to your patients.  You shall be solely responsible for all medical judgment and decision making with respect to the provision of healthcare services to your patients.

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